Japanese Tourist Visa Requirements for Philippine-based Filipinos


Everything that you will read below were based from my experience. As of this time of writing, all procedures & requirements are accurate; unless otherwise stated. It’s still best to contact the embassy for current information & to answer all your inquiries.


I have applied for a Japanese tourist visa, 3 months prior to our intended date of travel. I was scheduled to have my vacation leave on September 2018, so I tried applying on June 2018 (Just in case I will only be granted with a single entry visa cause it’s only 3 months valid). I browsed the website of the Japan Embassy in Manila for the requirements that I need to submit and there was a list of partner travel agencies, wherein you can submit your application, and the agency will forward it to the embassy.

1. Bank Certificate

Validity of Bank Certificate is 3 months from the date of issue. I got mine from the BDO branch nearest to me, and paid PHP 100. You can claim it the following day.

2. Income Tax Return

I printed a copy of my latest issued ITR

3. Application form and passport-size picture

Application form can be downloaded from the embassy’s website. Ensure that all entries are filled-up correctly, and no blank items. NA’s are acceptable if answer is not applicable. Double check dates to be written and signatures on document. Photos must be in white background and taken within the last 6 months. Write the applicant’s name and birth date at the back of the photo and attach it to the application form.

4. Passport

Your passport must have a validity of 6 months or more on the planned days of your vacation. No broken passports and must have at least 2 blank visa pages.

5. Birth Certificate

If it is your first time to apply for a Japanese visa, make sure that you submit your birth certificate. It must be issued within 1 year from PSA. (Philippine Statistics Office)

6. Daily Schedule in Japan

Write down your itinerary. Ensure that your schedule is realistic and within your budget.

7. Marriage Certificate

Submit a marriage certificate from PSA if you are married.

8. Supporting Documents

If you think this will be helpful for a successful visa application, then add it on your list. I included my Certificate of Employment, my Certificate of Stocks, etc.

9. Explanation Letter for Requesting Multiple Visa

To acquire for a multiple visa, there are certain conditions, and according to their website, they are the following:

(1) Applicant with history of travel as temporary visitor to Japan in the last three (3) years ; has no known violation of domestic laws of Japan nor had problem with immigration regarding entry and status during the period of stay ; and has sufficient financial capacity to support expenses for travel and stay.
(2) Applicant with history of travel as temporary visitor to Japan in the last three (3) years; has no known violation of domestic laws of Japan nor had problem with immigration regarding entry and status during the period of stay; and, has several history of travel as temporary visitor to G7 countries (excluding Japan) in the last (3) years.

(3) Applicant with abundant financial capacity

(4) Spouse or Child of (3) above.



I reviewed all the accredited travel agencies by the embassy, and I chose Reli Tours in Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati. It’s nearest from my place and you only pay PHP 950 for the handling fee. I gave them all my documents and passport. I was asked to wait for their text, which is 3-5 working days prior from submission so I would know when to comeback and claim my passport and hopefully with a granted visa. After 3 days, I came back and received a MULTIPLE VISA FOR 5 YEARS!


All documents must be original. No staples on documents and follow the A4 format for your paper size.

No specific amount was mentioned on how much your bank account should have on the time of application. Rumor says it should not fall below PHP50K. To be safe make sure it should not fall below PHP 100K. However, I personally know someone who was granted a single entry visa with only PHP10k in his bank account. Although, his passport holds a multiple 10 year US visa, Schengen visa, and stamps from other Asian countries. Yes, he is well-traveled.

You can submit someone else’s application form & documents. No need for personal appearance.

I applied for a multiple visa, and wrote a personal letter to the consul stating why I should be granted. I didn’t fall to any of the conditions mentioned from their site. However, I have been to Tokyo once prior from application due to work. I mentioned that I work as a cabin crew, and I have been to Tokyo as a crew. The only proof I submitted was my COE (they will know that I’m a cabin crew), and my passport (where the cashier from a local Japanese grocery pasted my grocery receipt to get a tax refund). I don’t have a travel history in Japan from the last 3 years as a temporary visitor or tourist, and I don’t have a travel history to any of the G7 countries. Lastly, I’m not sure what they consider as having an abundant financial capacity.


It was my lucky day indeed. First time applying, multiple visa granted.

After 3 working days, passport was released, and hassle-free!

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